Where We Invest

We believe in the power of compounding and with this view invest in equity, both in listed as well as in the private space. We really have to love the management and the business to invest. We are valuation sensitive investors who like to integrate a margin of safety before making any commitment.

What We Invest In

In the private space we like to invest in companies with an existing institutional investor, a proven proof of concept and a positive, sustainable EBITDA with a scalable business opportunity. We are sector agnostic.

Other Assets

Apart from equity we invest in other assets such as commodities, currencies and fixed income. We also do venture debt primarily for our portfolio companies. We put on our macro analysis hat to take positions in assets for a long term and we play out the cycle.

Why other assets

The intent of the fixed income portfolio is driven by protection of capital and the venture debt piece is to help our portfolio companies with growth capital allowing them to dilute equity only when it is required.

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